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The corner sofa is amongst the most important furniture pieces in any home. In addition to setting the tone for the drawing room and house, it leaves a lasting impression on visitors too. From a basic apartment to luxurious mansions, you cannot do without sofa sets and decors.

Selsdirect is a leading seller of sofas and furniture in Melbourne. We have various types of sofa sets in our collection, ranging from Chesterfield corner sofas to lounge corner suites. You can purchase any of our sofa sets online or in-store - the choice is yours. Either way, you will receive quality products that will spruce up your home and leave your guests awestruck.

A good quality sofa is essential for the living room as this is where a family spends most of their time. An L shape sofa set or a modular corner sofa is perfect as it leaves an open space in the middle. This lends an airy feel to the room and allows a centre piece to be placed. With a corner sofa, you can also watch movies, play video games or the latest shows on TV comfortably.

Benefits of Small and Large Corner Sofas

Buyers often get confused about the type and the size of the sofa they should buy. Here are various tips that will help you decide which sofa size to go for - a large corner sofa or small corner sofas.

  • Size of the room: Depending on the size of your living room or any room where the sofa will be placed, different sofa sizes are available. The size of the room should be the starting point in the selection of the sofa. A 6 seater corner lounge sofa in a small room is claustrophobic, while a small L-shaped sofa in a large drawing room will make it look empty.
  • Décor and colours: What is the colour of your existing décor or the walls and curtains? Mismatched colours between the sofa and the décor is an eyesore while matching or contrasting colours add to the aesthetics.
  • Seating capacity: Do you have a nuclear family with only occasional guests? Or do you have frequent visitors over for movie nights? You can select a large or small corner sofa according to the seating capacity that you need. This impacts both the variety you can choose as well as the price.
  • Use of space: Utilise every available space in the room. This will help you understand the size of the sofa you need and whether it should be placed next to the wall or in the middle of the room.
  • Choice of accessories: Depending on the size of the room and the sofa, you may need to buy side tables, a single-seater settee or a couch to fill in the gaps or empty spaces in the room.

Why Choose Selsdirect for Your Sofa Requirements?

Selsdirect has a curated selection of high-quality, comfortable and luxurious corner sofas for sale in Melbourne. We have Chesterfield corner sofas, L-shaped corner sofas, large corner sofas, corner chaise sofas, corner sofa lounges and more in our inventory.

With us you will receive:

  • Great selections
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