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    35 products

    Contemporary Lounge and Sofas in Melbourne

    With so many options available today, choosing the perfect lounge sofa set for your home can be difficult. Selsdirect is the answer to all your furniture needs. We have everything you need from traditional two- and three-seater styles to sofabeds, recliners and modular lounges. As Melbourne's sofa specialists, we have something to suit everybody. While choice is a great thing to have, it can lead to confusion. A sofa or lounge is a long-term investment, and you need to pay attention to avoid mistakes. There are two important points to keep in mind when buying one.

    • Vibe

    The first thing you will notice about the lounge or Sofa is its style. Look for a lounge and Sofa that will fit into the theme and decor of your house. This might seem like an obvious step. But if you buy a sofa just because you like it, you might end up with something that doesn't suit your space. It might go poorly with the paintings above the Sofa or the rug on the floor. You must ensure that everything looks together to get the whole look right.

    Think about how you want the room to look and feel when you are in it, whether you want to go for a neutral tone with a muted and calm vibe. Or something more colourful, fun and exciting. You must visualise your space to avoid ending up with a sofa that looks entirely out of space. If you have a specific theme, we'll help you find the right one.

    • Functionality

    Functionality is an important aspect to consider when you buy a sofa. Looks are just one thing; you must dig deeper to get the perfect one. Think about where you are going to place the lounge or Sofa. Is it going to be in a formal sitting room where you'll sit down when people come over? Or will it be in your bedroom to watch TV every day? Do you plan to have it in your kids' room for them to eat and play with their friends? Or in the guest room?

    Each one of these places needs a different style of Sofa. The formal setting will need a more structured and upright sofa that might be less comfortable. You will need something to sink into and lay around on while watching TV. Kids' rooms will experience a lot of wear and tear, and the Sofa needs the capability to withstand all that. If you have teenage kids, you know that they don't care about sofa maintenance. This is why you should always take the necessary step of thinking about how it will be used.

    By now, you must have the use and vibe of the Sofa in mind whether you need a bold-coloured sofa with a formal feel for your sitting room. Or, a neutral sofa with a relaxed feel for your TV area.

    Create a Modern Living Space with Selsdirect's Range of Sofas

    Take a scroll through our website, and you will see many styles and shapes of couches, including

    • Chesterfield corner sofa
    • 3-seater lounge sofa
    • Chaise lounge sofa set
    • Single seater sofa
    • Electric recliner theatre sofa
    • 6-seater sofa with reversible chaise
    • Ace sofas

    As Melbourne's trusted seller of furniture prices, Selsdirect will provide you with the best quality products. You can call us on 03 9706 5601 to get your hands on simple yet functional pieces of furniture.