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Storage space is never enough in your home. It does not matter how much space you have, you end up requiring more storage facilities. Investing in a bed frame with storage is a smart decision that gives you the twin benefit of a luxurious and comfortable bed with free storage space. Garments, socks, toys, shoes, books - the things you can store in a storage bed are endless.

Searching for an Amalfi bed frame, king-size bed frames, or simply looking for quality bed frames in Dandenong? Selsdirect has a great selection of modern bed frames that come in various styles and colours. You can pick up and buy a bed frame that suits your space requirements, matches your existing drapes and budget. Our store has a huge collection of bed frames and accessories like mattresses that will complete your bedroom set perfectly.

Bed Frames to Suit all Preferences and Purposes

It is easy for you to get confused and overwhelmed with a mind-boggling variety of beds available for sale, like grey bed frames and high bed frames. You may also find yourself confronted with questions like which bed is best suited for your purpose? Well, it all depends on your preference. However, the availability of space should also be considered. For your master bedroom, you can choose a fabric bed frame or a queen-size bed frame with large drawers, whereas for your child’s room you can opt for a standard-size bed with drawers.

You can also select matching mattresses, pillows and bed sheets to compliment your new bed and make it complete. While every type of storage bed comes with drawers, it is useful to check which way the drawers open given the layout of your room and the existing furniture or cupboards. The various types of storage beds you can choose are:

  • 2-drawer storage bed frame
  • 3-drawer storage bed frame
  • 4-drawer storage bed frame

Benefits of Bed Frame With Storage

While there are several benefits of buying a storage bed, let us look at the most crucial ones:

  • Decluttering: A fabric bed frame with storage can contribute towards a clean bedroom when compared to basic cheap bed frames. Clothes, towels, socks, baby diapers and numerous other items can be safely kept hidden from view. They are also easier to access and keep your bedroom organised.
  • Stylish: Storage beds are stylish and bring a touch of class and luxury to your bedroom. The comfort, convenience and trendy looks of the storage bed are one of the reasons for their immense popularity.
  • Accessibility: Whether you want a bed sheet, pillow cover or undergarments, everything is stored in one place conveniently. This helps you find things quickly and have one storage place for things you need most frequently.
  • Additional storage: A bed frame with storage provides you with additional storage space without the need for a new cupboard or cabinet. A storage bed helps free up space in your cupboards by transferring frequently used items to the bed’s storage drawers.
  • Easy maintenance: Storage beds are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily vacuum the space under the bed and pull out the drawers to clean the floor.
  • Better sleep: A comfortable Amalfi bed frame provides a much better sleep than say, a cheaper alternative. Good quality storage beds with a comfortable mattress facilitates sound sleep and spinal support when needed the most.

Discover the Perfect Bed of Your Choice with Selsdirect

Selsdirect is the name you can trust for high-quality but cheap bed frames and luxury bed frames. As one of the top stockists and sellers of bed frames in Melbourne we offer:

  • All capacity storage beds (2/3/4 drawers)
  • Warranty
  • Great deals
  • Quality construction
  • Direct sales with no middle man
  • Easy shipping
  • 14-days return offer

If you are looking for quality bed frames in Dandenong, we would love to hear from you and offer you our assistance. Contact us and talk to our support team today.