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A drawer bed frame is a practical solution for creating more space in the bedroom. Every bedroom, big or small, needs ample storage space to look tidy, organised and welcoming. As a homeowner, extra space is always welcomed especially with the ever-growing storage needs. A bed with storage drawers can help organise space better and your belongings more efficiently.

For a variety of design options and high-quality storage beds, look no further than Selsdirect. We offer direct-to-customer bed frames with drawers, with no middlemen. We have multiple designs such as 

Advantages of Purchasing Drawer Bed Frames

A bed with storage drawers offers a lot of advantages to the owner. It is not just a matter of extra storage space; it can also add to the aesthetics of the room. The following are a few benefits of buying a storage bed with drawers.

  • Maximising storage space: Every homeowner knows that no matter how much space is available, it is never enough. A bed base with drawers offers the advantage of a mini-cupboard minus the space requirement. You get an additional cupboard without breaking the bank as our drawer storage bed frames are pocket-friendly.
  • Accessibility: Drawer bed frames offer convenient and accessible storage where you can keep all the important items of daily use and find them easily.
  • Organised bedroom: Like most people, you too may find your bedroom cluttered with towels, clothes, chargers, toys and other stuff lying around. Make it clean and organised by storing them away in the bed’s drawers.
  • Space utilisation: The space under your mattress is wasted if you do not have storage. A queen size drawer bed frame uses the same space for storing various items. This is one of the highlights of a bed frame with drawers.
  • Ambience and aesthetics: A bed base with drawers also adds to the ambience and aesthetics of the room. Look for the latest designs of stylish beds with storage drawers at Selsdirect.
  • Freeing up space: Are your cupboards or storage racks over stacked? You can shift a lot of unused items from your cupboards to your bed’s storage drawers.
  • Space maximisation: No one likes a cluttered bedroom and space is increasingly at a premium, particularly in cities like Melbourne. If you have a studio apartment, mid-size apartment or a single-floor house, you may struggle with storage space availability. A drawer storage bed frame can help with efficient use of space in your apartment.

Why Choose Selsdirect for Drawer Bed Frames in Melbourne?

Selsdirect is one of the top sellers of bed bases with drawers and the one-stop destination for beds, mattresses and furniture in Melbourne. Our reputation is based on affordability, accessibility and quality. We will provide you with the following:

  • Amazing designs
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  • Warranty on all beds
  • Different storage sizes and drawers
  • 14-day returns

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