Gas Lift Storage Bed Frames

Maximise Bedroom Space with Selsdirect’s Gas Lift Storage Beds in Melbourne

Storage space is a luxury that is always in demand. Our homes are filled with cupboards and drawers, and yet we still seek more storage spaces. Luckily, there is furniture available today that also offers ample space for storage. A gas lift bed is the perfect solution to your storage problems. It gives you the advantage of extra space to store items and functions as a normal bed too.

You can now check the latest variety of gas lift storage beds from Selsdirect, the top furniture seller in Melbourne. We have a wide range of gas lift bed frames in various designs and colours for you to choose from such as👇🏻

 Get maximum storage space with our gas lift storage bed frames. The concealed storage area is easy to access and is discreetly hidden from view. You can use it to store the various items that clutter your bedroom or cupboards.

Benefits of Purchasing Gas Lift Beds for Extra Storage

As living spaces shrink and our clothes and household items keep multiplying, storage is at a premium. It is not possible for you to discard or throw away things and also difficult to keep up with the ever-growing need for storage. Here are a few benefits our gas lift King bed can provide you with:

  • Maximum space utilisation: Don’t let the space under the mattress go to waste. Use this space for large storage boxes, where you can keep all the extra items of your home in an organised way. This allows you easy access to things, along with safe storage. You can store bed sheets, pillow covers, clothes and other items that you do not use frequently.
  • Clean and organised bedroom: A gas lift bed helps declutter your bedroom. All the household items that are not frequently used can be shifted to your bed’s storage space. An uncluttered bedroom looks tidy and creates positive vibes and an atmosphere.
  • Discreet storage: Another benefit of a gas lift storage bed is that it offers you discreet storage space. Whether it is Christmas gifts, pullovers or things that have a sentimental value attached to them, you can easily store them in the storage boxes of the bed, hidden from the view of guests or overnight visitors.
  • Easy lifting: The bed uses gas-lift pistons to move up the cover of the bed box. It does the heavy lifting, with no strain on your back or hand muscles and joints. The lifting mechanism is strong, heavy duty and built to last for years. This is a huge advantage over normal beds, where you have to do the lifting manually.

Why Choose Selsdirect to Buy Gas Lift Storage Beds?

Selsdirect offers you the benefit of buying a queen size gas lift bed frame online or in-store. To experience the look and feel of the gas lift storage bed before buying, you can visit our store.

With us you get:

  • Widest range of bed frames
  • Warranty on all products
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