Dining Suites

Classy Dining Suites from Selsdirect

Looking to buy a dining suite to complete your dining room in Melbourne? Selsdirect has the perfect dining table suites for your home. We understand that it is an essential furniture for both the formal dining room and open plan spaces. As a leading seller of dining table sets, we also know that a beautiful design, quality build and affordable prices is something you are always looking for.

A spacious, well-lit and easily accessible dining area with a sturdy yet fashionable wooden dining table can make for a great ambience. A dining table allows you to spend quality time with your family as you have your meals together. It is indispensable especially if you are looking to host friends and family for dinner parties and events.

A dining table, whether it is a big or small dining suite, adds value to your home. If you are buying a new home or simply renovating, consider investing in a good dining table or replacing the old one. Eating on a sofa, couch or even the bed is unhealthy and a bad habit. Food crumbs will dirty the surface and call for extra cleaning, whereas the dining table is much more convenient and accessible.

Benefits of Buying Dining Suites

There are several benefits of buying dining suites for your home in addition to the ones mentioned beforehand.

  • Better space utilisation
  • Engagement with all family members
  • Convenient and accessible
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • A unique mix of utility, comfort and luxury
  • Value addition to your home

Why Selsdirect for Dining Table Sets?

Selsdirect is the preferred furniture store for Melbourne residents. Our collection boasts of exquisitely designed and well-built dining table sets that are a perfect addition to any home. These are some of the popular varieties and types of 8-seater square dining table and dining table set 6 seaters you can buy from us:

  • Palm Springs dining suite with broad dining chairs (6 seaters)
  • Paddington dining suite with Paddington chairs (8 seaters)
  • Albury dining suite with Lana chairs (6 seaters)

Good quality, amazing designs and solid build does not mean overpriced furniture. When you buy from us, there are no middlemen involved. The dining table suite is sourced directly from the factory and delivered to you. This allows us to offer discounts on every product we sell; something you will not find anywhere else.

Here are a few reasons why Selsdirect is the city’s trusted seller of dining tables and suites:

  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality products
  • Stylish design
  • Online or store buying
  • 14-days return policy

If you have any queries or require any assistance, please call us on 03 9706 5601 or use our online chat that is available 24/7.