Selsdirect: Melbourne's Best Bedroom Furniture Store

The bedroom is your private space where you can relax and recuperate after a long day at work. A well-decorated, spacious, clutter-free bedroom fills you with positivity and rejuvenates you. With modern bedroom furniture, you can turn your favourite room and redecorate it the way you have always wanted.

Selsdirect is a prominent bedroom furniture store in Melbourne that offers designer bedroom furniture at great prices. Go through our vast range of furniture and pick up the items that you like.

How to Select Furniture for a Bedroom?

Like most homeowners, you too may be confused between the available space and proportion of furniture in your bedroom. Storage facilities and style are key factors too when selecting the perfect furniture. You may feel overwhelmed with the vast array of choices that are available today. As an intelligent and informed buyer, you should consider various things such as style, colour matching, utility and comfort before you buy bedroom furniture.

People get carried away by the looks and appeal of furniture and end up making wrong choices. To make the right selection, start with space availability in your bedroom. This will help you select the right furniture of proportional size. Furniture that is too small will cause discomfort and make the room look empty. Whereas overly large furniture will make the room seem claustrophobic.

Never compromise on quality and the cheapest is not always the best option. While you should not overpay for any product, you should also not decide based on the price tag alone. Your bedroom furniture is a long-term purchase and a high-quality product will more than make up for its cost with years of service and comfort.

Another important factor to consider when visiting bedroom furniture stores is storage. With clothes, shoes, bed sheets, pillow covers and a hundred other items of a household, space is never enough. Go for furniture and beds that offer storage space and drawers and get the maximum benefit out of the designer bedroom furniture.

Here are a few Selsdirect tips to help you pick the best modern bedroom furniture for your home:

  • Check space availability
  • Match the colour of furniture with décor and drapes
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Select between modern and traditional
  • Balance between storage requirements and indulgence
  • Consider comfort and functionality
  • Style and durability

Why Choose Selsdirect to Buy Bedroom Furniture Online?

We offer the convenience of both online shopping and store buying. You can scroll through our vast catalogue online, check the prices and order online. It is as simple as that. Your ordered product is then dispatched from our warehouse the next working day and is home delivered to you. If you prefer to test and judge the “look and feel” of the furniture, you can visit our store in Melbourne, from Monday to Saturday anytime between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and evaluate the product before you buy it.

Selsdirect is amongst the top bedroom furniture stores for drawer storage bed frames, gas lift storage bed frames, mattresses, bedside tables, bedframe and mattress combo deals and other bedroom furniture. We offer:

  • Stunning designs
  • Choice of sizes and colours
  • Large storage space
  • Smart drawers
  • Quality construction
  • Full warranty
  • 14-days return policy

Another huge advantage of buying from us is the cost-benefit. We work on the philosophy of “customers benefit first”. There are no middlemen or a long supply chain that makes our furniture expensive. We source directly from the factory and deliver it to you. Every product is either manufactured or bought in bulk and the discounts passed on to you. This allows us to offer high-quality bedroom furniture at a bargain.

For order assistance or queries, you can call us on 03 9706 5601 or fill in our online form. You can also contact us through 24/7 live chat and talk to our support staff.